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Academia World News is a platform that aims to democratize publishing by enabling a diverse community of scholars, students, experts, and policymakers to create and share original content in an inclusive, equitable, accessible, and rewarding way.

AWN’s Society dimension covers diverse subjects: human societies, social interactions, poverty, food security, nutrition, health, education, equality, sustainable communities, smart societies, peace, justice, institutions, history, literature, philosophy, religion, and arts/crafts. It offers current research, policy analysis, and commentary.

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Our Contributors are remunerated monthly for the published content, whose value is calculated based on the quality, length, and number of unique views per month.

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AWN’s Economy dimension fosters discussion & analysis of latest economic research, news, & policy developments. It covers sustainable transport & tourism, computer science & smart tech, employment & growth, and industry innovation & responsible business. Get insights on research, policy, & best practices in these fields.

Environmentalism is a movement combatting human exploitation and degradation of the environment. It addresses climate change risks, advocates sustainable development, and encompasses topics like ecology, clean energy, and sustainable engineering in AWN’s Environment dimension.

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