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About us

Academia World News is a platform that publishes news, opinion articles, and interviews and enables collaborations between academics, students, experts, and practitioners. We welcome freedom of expression from all stakeholders wishing to share knowledge.

We acknowledge that opinions, the interpretation of knowledge, and the application of understanding are individual and vary widely. Thus, Academia World News aims to secure and capture the dynamic nature of thoughtful authorship and expression in the belief that despite differing from one another, the co-existence of our varying considerations is conceivable and achievable.

We welcome contributions from all individuals involved in the academic world.


Academia World News aims to become the medium of choice for academics, practitioners, experts, and students who want to keep abreast of the latest developments in academic and scientific areas.

We envision and work towards building a future in which scientific and practical implications within and beyond academia will be disseminated to and utilized by individuals and groups in governments, universities, research centers, enterprises, and civil society, sparking initiatives that promote critical thinking and enable collaboration in meeting the challenges of the contemporary world.


Our mission is to democratize ideas and opinion sharing by opening academic publishing to be inclusive, equitable, accessible, and rewarding. We enable individuals and teams to publish quality content in the form of articles, interviews, podcasts, or videos.

Our goal is to serve the readership of Academia World News by developing, promoting, and disseminating original content created by a community of educators, researchers, students, policymakers, and practitioners.

Core Values


We commit to enhancing the reading experience by publishing thought-provoking content for all – governments, universities, research centers, enterprises, and civil society.

We search for and publish the latest news in academia and provide a platform for experts and students to share their opinions about the present and future of learning. We interview experts, share their insights, stimulate thinking, and enable collaboration amongst academics, students, and other stakeholders by promoting valuable initiatives.


Transparency is the biggest challenge in the contemporary world’s exchange of information. We ensure openness for our authors and enhance the accountability for the knowledge shared by providing thought-provoking articles.

Freedom of Expression

Everyone who contributes to this News Platform is free to express their opinion and share what they know without interference. This is a vital entitlement for those producing and those reading the content of this platform.


We respect the autonomy of our contributors; therefore, we do not allow external influences to determine the individual’s way of thinking.


The content in this News Platform is meaningful and is produced by consistent reporting.

Authenticity & Reliability

Original, credible, and trustworthy content is provided to readers whose desire is to explore the news within the academic world.


We cover a range of topics in all academic and scientific areas, enhancing the diversity of ideas and disseminating knowledge around communities and individuals that are necessary for moving forward in a demanding era.

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